christine wagner

Christine WagnerWhen I grew up I wanted to be and almost was a librarian, a forensic scientist, and a fashion designer.  I've worked as a baby-sitter, a waitress, a digitizer, and an artist's assistant.  At one point I tried to sell insurance and have worked selling books, art supplies, and crating and shipping services.  At the moment I'm an account manager for a software company.  I'm all over the place.

In a lifetime of continual non-commitment, art is the one thing that I've always kept incorporated in one form or another.  When I was a kid I loved making things like shrinky-dinks, spin art and sun-catchers.  There were the kind that you could paint but remember the ones with the sprinkles that you had to bake?  And those plastic beads that you could lay out on a peg board and then your dad would have to iron it for you?  In middle school and high school I always had to find a new way to cover my books instead of boring brown paper and worked hard to make additions to my backpack so it would stand out.  I learned how to sew and started making my own clothing. 

These days I've adopted more of a fine art approach which is what you can see here on my site.  I'm not sure how "fine" it is, but I am compelled to do it and the results make me happy.  Hopefully, you get something out of it too.